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Paxxon Healthcare Services

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Paxxon Healthcare Services

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At Paxxon Healthcare Services, our company mission is to provide a full range of person-centered, evidence-based therapeutic services to maximize the individuals’ ability to function independently, thus enhancing quality of life.   read more...
Paxxon Healthcare Services maintains Four Pillars of Excellence that speak to our commitment to service and customer satisfaction.

  • Outcomes Focused on Functional Measures
  • Uncompromising Integrity
  • Compassionate Attentive Care
  • Unwavering Professionalism
Our passion to deliver highly skilled, exceptional therapy services in the comfort of any chosen setting led to the development of Paxxon Healthcare Services as a National provider of Med B on-site therapy, Med B in the home, Skilled Nursing Facility contracts, and early intervention.

We value not only our customers and patients, but also our staff. We offer specialized training programs and believe that staff satisfaction is conducive to quality patient care. Solidly built on a deep foundation of teamwork and strong sense of perseverance and loyalty, Paxxon Healthcare Services continues to be a therapist-owned and operated organization with a management team deep seated and experienced in all levels of service to seniors. The employees and leadership team are proud of their documented history of doing what is right for every patient, every time.

Let us be your next right choice!

On-Site Senior Rehabilitation

Paxxon Healthcare Services, LLC is dedicated to providing evidence-based, person-centered therapeutic services to residents within assisted, independent, skilled, memory care communities, and adult daycare programs.   read more...
We work closely with your preferred home care provider to maximize the residents’ therapy benefits so that they may remain as independent as possible while living in your community that they have chosen as their home. Current scope of services includes:

  • Recruit the highest quality therapists who integrate well into the culture of your community
  • Staff a team of Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy licensed therapists and assistants
  • Develop evidence-based, person-centered on-site rehabilitation programming
  • Provide management of on-site therapists
  • Provide customized educational programs for all members of your team
  • Develop and manage all outpatient rehabilitation services, including our specialized programs to allow your residents to achieve their highest potential
  • Assist your community with marketing and development including; customized marketing materials, community outreach to local physicians, hospital discharge planners and participating in potential resident tours
  • Complete and resolve all rehabilitation billing services with the third-party payer
  • Provide management of on-site therapists
  • Provide customized educational programs for all members of your team
  • Develop and manage all outpatient rehabilitation services, including our specialized programs to allow your residents to achieve their highest potential
  • Assist your community with marketing and development including; customized marketing materials, community outreach to local physicians, hospital discharge planners and participating in potential resident tours

Skilled Nursing Facility Contracts

At Paxxon Healthcare Services we provide comprehensive PDPM rehabilitation for your skilled nursing facility with goal oriented outcomes for you and your patients.   read more...
We staff our Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy to be available 7 days a week. All evaluations are completed on the day of admission with GG-goals written for the RNAC day of evaluation to support the MDS and restorative nursing programming. We strive to get patients to achieve their goals quickly and fully to expedite discharge to their home and prevent return to hospital. We work with discharge planners from the day of admission to meet these goals. Upon discharge from your facility, Paxxon therapists can provide therapy in the patient's home to continue their progress.

For long term residents our specialized Medicare part B therapy and preventive therapy protocols are put in place to make sure residents remain at the highest level of functioning possible while decreasing the physical burden of the direct care staff of your skilled nursing facility. We will set up and monitor our full service Restorative Nursing Program (RNP) offering extensive training related to our therapy goals. When we transfer these residents to a RNP, all resident get individualize restorative goals which are monitored and updated monthly by a skilled therapist assessment, adjustment in plan, or additional intervention to ensure the success of our RNP individualized program. Contact us to talk about how we can help you!”

Staffing Contracts

Paxxon Healthcare Services provides contract management services to hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient rehabilitation centers and assisted living facilities who employ their own therapists.   read more...
Our contract management consultants are hands-on professionals who utilize their experience to assist you in staffing, efficiency analyses, therapist competencies and systems operations. We customize tools to monitor and analyze your operation, to enhance productivity and to ensure regulatory compliance and clinical quality within your rehabilitation program. We are proficient in guiding rehabilitation programs through newly implemented reimbursement systems. We will lead the way to your sound financial future, balancing the importance of outcome driven therapy and financial well being.

As your resource for rehabilitation therapists, it is our responsibility to assure your satisfaction, from placement to third party reimbursement. To do this, we have implemented numerous quality control procedures, many of which are unique to Paxxon Healthcare Services.

Our Rehabilitation Supervisors provide guidance to our therapists regarding current practice standards, reimbursement policies, appropriateness of treatment and documentation to optimize billing; they offer in-service education not only to our own staff, but also to the client’s nursing staff upon request; they bring expertise to issues as diverse as finding accurate diagnostic codes necessary for reimbursement, to assisting clients with developing their own documentation systems to maximize reimbursement.

Staffing Coordinators are key personnel at Paxxon Healthcare Services. These experienced professionals recruit and assign therapists appropriate for your specific requirements. Our coordinators expertly match the therapist with the patient mix or facility. Our incomparable coordination, supervision and team approach routinely offers assistance to all our customers during their survey periods, translating into favorable audit results for you.

We visit our clients regularly to assess upcoming special needs which may require our assistance. We conduct semi-annual satisfaction surveys to seek feedback for continuous quality improvement of our services. We use an in-house review board to analyze, assist and resolve difficult client situations through a combination of clinical expertise and managerial skill. We provide administrative review of notes and reports to ensure that our documentation meets all third party reimbursement requirements.

At Paxxon Healthcare Services we know that our job is not complete until the patient reaches his or her optimum performance level and our client agency is completely satisfied. We are proud of our commitment to service and our knowledge that you will benefit from our experience, high standards and dedication to excellence.


Due to the Public Health Crisis of Covid-19, most governing organizations now allow PT, OT and SLP to treat using telehealth in Medicare B settings.   read more...
This decreases patient exposure from therapists who may work in more than one residence. It increases convenience for those who would choose out-patient services but are appropriate to receive these services over a secure video and audio connection. It allows caregivers to more actively participate in the therapeutic and safe intervention when appropriate thus enhancing carryover with exercises, facilitation, and education. If you are a community that would be interested in this option for therapist for your residents, contact us today! If you are a patient looking for outpatient services and wish to explore telehealth, contact us today!

Med B in the Home

Medicare Part B benefits allow patients to receive therapy in the home up to 7 days a week if needed!   read more...
We can provide traditional exercise and neuromuscular reeducation as well as therapeutic modalities such as E-stim and heated ultrasound to reduce pain and promote healing. Home health services provided under Medicare Part A have limitations that don't allow services as frequent and are unable to provide pain management modalities. Are you a community waiting for a new admission to move in? By providing an in home evaluation and ongoing treatment, our licensed therapists will work on functional outcomes to prevent falls and further decline. Let us keep your connections strong until they're ready to move in.

Medical Billing

At Paxxon Healthcare Services, we provide all of our own medical billing so that any billing question or concern is directly handled by our own staff and with excellent customer service.   read more...
Additionally, we provide consulting, Revenue Cycle Management, and billing services for partnering companies. Is your facility in need of medical billing? Do you have questions on how to maximize reimbursement? Do you have questions on RCM? We offer complete medical billing solution that spans from billing claims to denial management and all billing related activities follow ups and support in between. Visit our website for more information on how we can help you.

Survey Preparedness and Remediation

Are you ready for the next survey of your premises?   read more...
Have you had a survey that requires remediation? We can help! Contact us today to find out how!

What Clients Say About Paxxon Healthcare Services

Paxxon Healthcare has become an essential part of our business. They have added tremendous value to our community for both current and prospective residents.

Trenton Czisny

We have had the pleasure of working with the Paxxon therapists in our community since we opened. I am so impressed with the therapists that have worked with us over the years. They are friendly and supportive of our residents, families and staff. They are very professional and extremely knowledgeable. Not only do they know what they are doing, but they are a fun group who gives the very best to our residents!

Pat Dolnik

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