Rehabilitation Staffing

As your resource for rehabilitation therapists, it is our responsibility to assure your satisfaction, from placement to third party reimbursement. To do this, we have implemented numerous quality control procedures, many of which are unique to Paxxon Healthcare Services.
Our Rehabilitation Supervisors provide guidance to our therapists regarding current practice standards,reimbursement policies, appropriateness of treatment and documentation to optimize billing; they offer in-service education not only to our own staff, but also to the client’s nursing staff upon request; they bring expertise to issues as diverse as finding accurate diagnostic codes necessary for reimbursement, to assisting clients with developing their own documentation systems to maximize reimbursement.
Staffing Coordinators are key personnel at Paxxon Healthcare Services. These experienced professionals recruit and assign therapists appropriate for your specific requirements. Our coordinators expertly match the therapist with the patient mix or facility. Our incomparable coordination, supervision and team approach routinely offers assistance to all our customers during their survey periods, translating into favorable audit results for you.
We visit our clients regularly to assess upcoming special needs which may require our assistance.
We conduct semi-annual satisfaction surveys to seek feedback for continuous quality improvement of our services.
We use an in-house review board to analyze, assist and resolve difficult client situations through a combination of clinical expertise and managerial skill.
We provide administrative review of notes and reports to ensure that our documentation meets all third party reimbursement requirements.
At Paxxon Healthcare Services we know that our job is not complete until the patient reaches his or heroptimum performance level and our client agency is completely satisfied. We are proud of our commitment to service and our knowledge that you will benefit from our experience, high standards and dedication to excellence.