We Will Lead The Way To Your Sound Financial Future

Paxxon Healthcare Services provides contract management services to hospitals, nursing homes, acute care facilities, outpatient rehabilitation centers and assisted living facilities. Our contract management consultants are hands-on professionals who utilize their experience to assist you in staffing, efficiency analyses, therapist competencies and systems operations. We customize tools to monitor and analyze your operation, to enhance productivity and to ensure regulatory compliance and clinical quality within your rehabilitation program. We are proficient in guiding rehabilitation programs through newly implemented reimbursement systems, including Medicare’s Prospective Payment System (PPS). We will lead the way to your sound financial future, balancing the importance of outcome driven therapy and financial well being.

Nursing Homes:

Are my Rehab RUG III levels appropriate?
Is my cost per minute for therapy delivered significantly lower than my reimbursement per minute for therapy delivered?
What is my therapy department doing to help improve my case mix?
Is the therapy documentation strong enough to prevent claim denials and maximize reimbursement?
Is my therapy department assisting the facility with addressing Quality Indicator (QI) problems?
Do I have the right therapy staffing mix?
Is the communication effective between the therapy staff, the MDS coordinator(s) and the billing and nursing staffs?
Have my therapists been involved in marketing efforts to improve my census?


Are you satisfied with the overall performance of your rehabilitation department?
How do you measure productivity? How many patients per day are your outpatient therapists seeing?
Are you utilizing your rehabilitation program to enhance your facility’s revenue?
If you currently have an inpatient rehabilitation program, are you ready for MDS-PAC?
Paxxon Healthcare Services can help you answer “YES” to each of these questions, ensuring optimal operation of your rehabilitation program.