Did you recently receive a NYS Department of Health Survey? Did the survey leave you with deficiencies? Is your facility in jeopardy with the DOH?
If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, Paxxon can help!
Paxxon has a team of consultants who can assist your staff with compliance issues to meet the Requirements of the Department of Health regulations. We will prepare your staff for the task of meeting DOH regulations. We will also perform a Mock Survey. The survey will clearly identify within your facility where there may be vulnerabilities and what corrective action is needed to avoid further deficiencies. Paxxon’s Consulting Division assists facilities in building exceptional efficiency and effective management in order to maximize your revenue potential. Some examples of the services our consultants can provide are:
Management Consulting
Medicare Denial Risk Assessment
Financial Systems/Billing Systems Analysis
Efficiency Analysis
Survey Preparation: Both State and JCAHO
Post-Survey Rescue Solutions
Policy and Procedure Reviews
Organizational Operational Assessments
Nursing Care Plan Reviews
Sub-Acute Development
Nutritional Assessments
Rehabilitation Department
Operational Assessments